Employer brand and career page are the new tools to better recruit

According to INSEEC U, 90% of recruiters are sourcing using professional social networks while 70% are “googling” the candidate before an interview. Today, social networks let us find interesting profiles and even learn more about companies. Therefore, it is not surprising to see candidates inquiring about the company and its operation before applying.

Potential candidates now have a clear idea of the place and environment they want as their workplace. In recent years, the development of start-ups with their “friendly” and “collaborative” way of working have shown a transparency of business life. Each company relies on the HR service to find the right tools that can make the best profiles apply. The career page becomes one of the HR marketing components to attract talent.

Located directly on the company’s website, the career page is difficult to distribute, which limits the traffic of potential candidates. Generally, social networks have a more developed traffic. Positioning the career page directly from the company’s site would then be the right solution to adopt.

Creating a career page on LinkedIn

After creating a business page, career pages can be created via the LinkedIn business account. Indeed, LinkedIn offers two possibilities: a tab “Job” and another “Life“. The goal is to publish job offers directly from the account and to allow prospects to discover the corporate culture and open positions.

Having a career page on LinkedIn greatly increases the chances of getting a perfect application. Social networks generally have more visits from potential candidates than the website.

In addition, LinkedIn measures the results of a career page with internal statistics. The metrics on your career page makes it possible to optimize the impact of the employer brand on recruitment objectives. This is a paid service but will recruit the best talent for your company.

Advertise employer brand on career page to ensure quality recruitment

What is the employer brand? We talk about the employer brand when marketing aims at developing the image of the company and make it attractive to its current and potential employees. The goal is to recruit the best talents, but also to value the sense of belonging to retain the best performing employees.

The employer branding and the social networks are linked. Indeed, the social networks make it possible to make a company attractive and to engage a qualitative dialogue with the candidates.

Do companies broadcast their job offers directly on their communication channels? Having a career page on LinkedIn increases the visibility of our company and helps reach a wider audience and improves our recruitment.

Sharing your corporate culture to recruit, the key to success

Creating a career page becomes the first step to recruitment. This page must respect the image of the company, be attractive and functional. Offers must also be clear and detailed. The simpler the page is, the more it will be read which translates into more visits, thus more visibilities on offers. The application procedures for the candidate must also be simple and allow him to apply easily and quickly directly on the page.

Projecting and immersing candidates in your company are essential actions to improve your recruitment. The career pages allow candidates to discover the corporate culture which gives the audience a clear view of the life at the firm. Videos, testimonials, opinions, recommendations perfectly complement the existing descriptions and photos giving a human dimension to the company.

These pages help spread the values that the company wants to share with employees. It is also about the identity and the history of the company.

Neos Jobs: Highlight your employer brand

Creators of content, the content of your page is essential in reaching a wider audience.

Neos Value Creators puts at your disposal its expertise and offers solutions adapted to your type of company to highlight your working conditions and ensures you meet the expectations of potential candidates.

Our product:

The creation of a turnkey white label career page giving the opportunity to enhance the company culture and job offers. The goal is to make the business appealing and attractive to your future employees through personalized content with your team. Thus, we propose the creation of the following contents:

  • Professional photos of your office
  • Video testimonials and tips from employees and recruiters
  • Visits of your offices in 360 and/or virtual reality
  • Production of videos on the corporate culture
  • Blog posts, for example storytelling about your company’s history, interviews with founders/presidents, etc.

Differentiate yourself from your competitors by appealing to candidates inspired by the values of your organization.

By presenting your current team through different visuals (photos and videos), you proactively answer candidates’ questions about your culture, values and the mission of your company. This authentic content helps you to position and differentiate your organization, helping you attract the best talent.

To convey the image that resembles you, we define together your values, your mission, and your objectives. Neos helps you understand and define your employer brand before you communicate it. We make sure to create customized content adapted to your business to trigger candidate’s interest in your business. At Neos, we believe that a candidate’s experience with your employer brand starts as soon as he or she identifies you as a potential employer. We help you spread your employer brand. Broadcast directly on your channels, but also from our division neosjob.com and enjoy the visibility.

How to contact us?

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