How to Fine-tune the Recruitment Objectives of your Small Business


Recruiting is never easy! To hire the best candidates for each position, you must meticulously plan ahead of time and precisely define your objectives. Not so easy, is it? We’ve prepared a list of simple steps to follow to help you with this task.


First, determine the recruitment objectives of your small business. Before you start looking for new hires, you should consider the general portrait of your company by pinpointing its mission, values, and the services it provides. This is the ideal moment to think about all the positions in your company and the people who currently occupy those jobs. Ask yourself questions about your long-term staffing needs and start to come up with a plan for employees who are on their way out (due to retirement or medical leave). Doing so will help establish what kind of skills and training new employees will need.


You should start the process of advertising the open position first by defining your needs and the expectations of the job to be filled. Whether it’s a completely new position or you’re refilling it with someone new, it’s important to think about the open position in relation to the person leaving it, as their departure is the best time to modify or improve certain aspects of the job. Take some time to observe them working and ask them to suggest improvements. You can then construct a complete and detailed description of the job and determine the responsibilities, conditions, and tasks the new recruit will be taking on.


You should well-define the criteria for selection so that your recruitment objectives are respected and met throughout the hiring process. Time is money; list your minimum requirements so that you can reject candidates that don’t match what you’re looking for upfront. However, be careful to not discriminate against candidates by being too strict! To strike the perfect balance, list your expectations in terms of training, education, skills, and experience.


When recruiting a new salaried employee, you should also think about adopting a marketing strategy that will sell your company to top candidates. Since the job market is favorable to job seekers, you should think about what you have to offer to talented candidates and what benefits they get from accepting your offer over another. Don’t forget that your human capital increases the overall performance of your company and, just as every brand name attracts new customers, your employer brand will attract candidates!

In sum, preparation well in advance of the recruitment process will allow you to quickly choose the right person for the job, resulting in extra time and also the promise of devotion and motivation at work. If you’re not sure whether you’ll be able to take on the task of vigorously recruiting, or if your small business doesn’t have an HR department, put your trust in a recruiting platform like Neos, who specializes in creating relationships between companies and the best candidates for their open positions!

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