A turnkey product to manage each step with efficiency & performance:
from sourcing to final hiring!



Equipped with a “new generation” ATS integrated into a turnkey Career Page, TalentsAI is a product powered by Artificial Intelligence (NLP & Machine Learning) which accelerates all stages of your recruitment process, while developing your Employer Brand.

A Complete 3-in-1 Product

Powered by 3 interconnected tools, TalentsAI provides unrivaled performance in the recruitment process by automating repetitive tasks with low added value:


An Applicant Tracking System to manage, automate your recruitment workflow and communicate with candidates and your managers

Career Page

Present your job offers by communicating your corporate values to attract the right candidates, and develop your employer brand

AI Assistant

Save time with the AI assistant, which identifies the best potential candidates for each of your open positions in just one click

Application Concepts

Many SMEs face the challenge of recruiting effectively with simple, automated processes. Save time by automating tedious tasks with low added value: job posting & promotion, candidate sourcing, CV screening, communication with candidates & managers, etc. Focus on the importance of developing your employer brand and give candidates an outstanding experience.


Benefit from a turnkey career page that attractively presents vacancies by promoting your corporate culture


Promote your job offers with your preferred distribution partners and on free posting sites with one click from the ATS


Optimize your recruitment process by automating as many tasks as possible. Communicate effectively with your recruiting team and your managers


Instantly identify the best candidates with a precise matching algorithm that compares CV information with job offers

Recruit Effectively

people search

Find qualified labor

Post your jobs from the ATS on our partner sites such as JobIllico, Indeed, etc.


Attract the best talent faster

A uniform employer brand with optimal display on your career page

fast loading

Capture data from LinkedIn profiles in 1 click

Capture candidate information and keep your database up to date with our Chrome extension

in progress

Automate the recruitment process

Email templates, job offer templates, personalized workflow, email synchronization


Offer a positive candidate experience

Intuitive career page, simplified application, instant communication from ATS

status update

Easily communicate and collaborate internally

Different levels of roles and authorizations, multi-brands and multi-locations

Career Page


AI Assistant

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